Jim is a hard working Realtor who always has the best interest of his clients at heart. He was very helpful when I was looking for an income property, and was able to walk me through the process from start to finish. I would definitely work with Jim again to buy or sell property, and highly recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

Rick Jamer

It was our first time dealing with a realtor in Canada and there seem to be so many to choose from, plus buying and selling was quite different to what we were used to. Well we decided to pick Jim and could not have made a better choice, he explained everything to us in a most professional manner and our sale went ahead with ease and stress free with every little work from us. Thanks Jim! We would certainly use you again and recommend our friends to do the same.

Doug & Joy Matthews

Having worked with Jim on the sale of a cottage, and the purchase of both a cottage and a home, we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy in PEI.  He paid close attention to our needs and didn’t give up until we found the right thing.  We were impressed by his work ethic, honesty, availability, and willingness to go out of his way to make the deal work for us

Bob Clive & Janet White

Jim, I wanted to thank you again for finding my new home. I love it here and the people are me are so nice. All of the advice you gave me when I purchased this home was above and beyond what I expected. I have known Jim Craig for over 6 years through my daughter. She has such faith in him and his ability to sell and purchase homes that suit our personality and needs. He has gone above and beyond to find the perfect homes for our families. Not only that, he is a very kind man. When I was in the hospital with a broken arm, what a surprise to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. What was most impressive is his honesty while searching for homes as well as his patience with my grand-girls. That means a lot to me! He is an outstanding man! Thank you again Jim!

Linda Bourgoeis

About 6 years ago I was trying to sell my home in Crapaud. We had taken it off the market for the winter. I was also having trouble selling it due to the location. One day this man came to my door and introduced himself as Jim Craig. He said “I’ve been in your home before showing it to another couple, loved it and showed it to my new clients and I was willing to allow him to show it. I was honestly overwhelmed! He was very upfront and honest which I admire in any person, let alone a Realtor. A month later my home was sold. I’d ask Jim to find a new home for myself and my family, I told him exactly what I wanted and we viewed 3 homes. The third one fit my description to a tee. Three years later I called Jim and told him it was time to sell again. Jim had his photographer (who took amazing pictures) take the photos and of course my home was sold within months. When searching for the home I’ve just purchased, I was looking for something that had potential to fix up, price with a certain range, had to be a certain area and a home which I could visualize the potential. This was not an easy thing to do as there wasn’t any set criteria. Which is why I knew Jim would find my home for us. Jim must have taken us through 40-50 homes. We’d spend days, evenings, nights and weekends. It literally took us months to find my home. I remember walking through the last home and Jim said, “Mo, this is your house”. I looked at him and said “Your Right!” The qualities we all look for in an agent is honesty, patience, professionalism and a sense of humor. Jim has all these qualities and more. He is a wonderful person, a friend as well his family are very supportive while taking time away from them to help myself and my family. Thank you Jim!

Monique Vallee

Jim Craig is a hardworking, dedicated, knowledgeable, kind and personable Realtor. My husband and I first met Jim in April 2015 while viewing our first potential home. As soon as we arrived to view this house, Jim met us with a smile and a warm handshake. He toured us around, filled us with as much information as he knew, and answered all our questions energetically and kindly. Although we loved this house, the deal fell through. After talking to Jim about what we were looking for in a home and our budget, Jim researched houses for us, sent the information our way and really knew what we wanted! Jim worked hard to send us emails with other potential homes we might like, he also made sure we had his contact information if we ever needed anything. Jim toured us through over 15 homes, and sent information our way on over 40 homes. We even found 2 other houses we also put offers on, but had them fall through too. After the third deal fell through, I was ready to give up but Jim wasn’t. He knew there was a house out there for my husband and I. A house we could call home. Jim was right! He never gave up on our dream home or us. He kept a close eye on all of the new houses that came on the market each day, sent us more emails, and one day in September he called us saying, “I found your dream home, it is going on the market in a few days, but I think this is the one.” He was right! He scheduled a showing that day. We saw the house and it was perfect! Jim knew what we wanted in a home. He knew that our dream home was a possibility and he didn’t give up! We put an offer on the house and before the weekend was over the papers were signed and our dream home became reality! Jim went above and beyond for us. He not only found our dream home, he gave us contact information for home inspectors, house insurance providers, lawyers, as well as a banker in which to talk to in order for us to obtain a mortgage. Even after the deal was said and done, and we had moved in, Jim contacted us to make sure everything was going as we had hoped with our new home. Jim made an effort to put our dreams into reality. He worked hard, persisted through fallen deals, extended his knowledge and was kind and personable throughout the whole process. Jim was not just a Realtor, he gained our trust, he put what we wanted first, and he never gave up on our dream.

Kenneth & Julie Jones